Thursday, December 31, 2009

RV Types - Described and Explained ~ RV Today Archive- Luxury Resorts

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By Ed Simon

The several categories of recreational vehicle (RV) types will be explored. Each type of RV will be discussed in terms of what it is and some of its features. There are basically seven types of RVs, with many makes and models available for each type. The seven types are:

• Pop-up
A pop-up camper is a 2 wheel unit that can be towed behind a van, pickup truck, or SUV. It is soft sided, collapses down for towing, and cranks up for camping use. It would have a sink, stove, and small refrigerator. A pop-up would most likely be used for weekend outings and vacations, sleeping four fairly comfortably.

• Truck Camper
A truck camper attaches in the bed of a pickup truck. It is generally a hard sided unit, but some have soft sides that require the unit to be cranked up for use. It would have a small kitchen, furnace, A/C, and sometimes a bathroom. A truck camper would again most likely be used for short duration outings as the interior is small, sleeping 2 comfortably.

• Trailer
A trailer camper is generally a 2 axle unit that requires a pickup truck or van to tow it. These rigs are hard sided units with many available features. You could expect to find a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, furnace and A/C in these units. They are designed for long term living, with the floor plan determining how many can comfortably be accommodated, which is usually between two and six.

• Fifth Wheel
A fifth wheel camper is a trailer type that has a hitch point that attaches the unit into the bed of a pickup truck. These units can be quite elaborate and large, with wall slide outs that increase the available living space. You will find all features for full time living, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. They are usually designed for two people, but would have space for one or two guests.

• Class B
A class B is designed on a van chassis, with the interior converted for living. These units have all of the features needed for long term living, just on a smaller scale. Their main advantage is that you can use them as your living quarters and also as your main source of transportation. They are designed for use by two people.

• Class C
A class C is a motorized unit designed on a large truck chassis. There will be a sleeping area over the cab and a main sleeping area in the rear. Again, all standard features are in these rigs, including kitchen and bathroom. They are set up for long term or full time living for two people, with space for two guests comfortably.

• Class A
A class A is the large motorized unit that can approach the size of a bus. They have all the features necessary for full time living, with king size beds and some times a second bathroom available. They are designed for use by two people for extended living and/or travel. The units can be either gas or diesel powered. They can tow a car, which is needed for local transportation when traveling in a class A.

If you enjoy traveling and the outdoors, I'm sure the thought of having your living accommodations with you is enticing. One of these unit types is likely to fit your budget and family travel needs.

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