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5 Ways In Which You Can Add Variety to Your Digital Travel Photography ~ Ray Charles "Hit The Road Jack" (Live)

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by Tim Ng

I am going to share with you a secret that not many know about the 5 best ways to enhance your digital travel photography.
1. Shoot Your Subject at Different Focal Lengths
Shoot your subject at different focal lengths - using the zoom on your photos will not only change how close your subject appears but it will also change the depth of field (ie the blurring of the background). It also allows you to shoot from different distances which can really impact how relaxed your subject is (there’s nothing better than a photographer in your face to make you tense up!)

2. Shoot Your Subject from Different Angles
Shoot your subject from different angles - it’s amazing how much you can change a shot by getting on your knees or taking a few steps to the side!

3. Shoot Using Different Formats
Shoot using different formats - there are different ways to grip a digital camera. The two main ones are horizontally or vertically but you can also get into all kinds of diagonal ways to do it. Mix it up.

4. Avoid the Group Shot Blink
Avoid the Group Shot Blink - When photographing people try to take multiple shots, especially group photos when someone is always bound to be blinking

5. Use Continuous Exposure Modes
Use continuous exposure modes - most digital cameras these days will have a mode that allows you to shoot multiple frames quickly. So instead of taking one shot at a time you can take multiple ones by simply holding the shutter longer. This can be very effective at capturing people in that second after they post (quite often when they are looking a little more themselves).

As presented, here are the 5 techniques for adding diversity to your travel digital photography. I am confident that they have helped improve your digital photography skills tremendously.
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Tim Ng, Avid Photographer, MSci (Education), Photographer for important functions.
Head of Audio Media (1998 - 2002 East View Primary School)

Written in plain English instead of “techno speak” this guide will help you sharpen up your talent and improve your overall results as an amateur photographer. Or, if you are considering the possibility of expanding your hobby into a money making enterprise, you will definitely find the answers to your questions in the chapter on “How to start a photography business.”


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