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Sedona Arizona is the resort town you can enjoy in May or December. Though many others have seasons they promote, this area is the ultimate getaway to escape the stress of your daily life any time of the year. Everyone needs a break and this town will allow you the opportunity to have the break and enjoy the extreme beauty. Surrounded by the natural red rock pillars of Coffeepot, Thunder Mountain, and Cathedral, you will feel as though you have stepped into another world.

From Obscurity to Fame

Sedona, Arizona is beautiful, from the towering rocks to the scrub brush that opens onto magnificent valleys. Sedona was founded in 1902 by Theodore Schnebly, who named the town after his wife. Basically a small farming town for many years, it was not until the 1940s this area became known. This is when a German painter, Max Ernst, moved here and his paintings of the area became a part of the early 20th century art movement. His painting style was focused on surreal paintings which represented the subconscious mind.


In 1981, the area really became a tourist attraction when Page Bryant, an author and psychic, announced to the world that Sedona was the "heart chaka of the planet." Today Sedona is known for many attractions, one of which is energy vortexes. These are naturally occurring spiraling currents that come from deep within the earth. The vortex is supposedly an enhancer of spiritual growth and people come from far and wide to experience this phenomenon. There are four in the area - Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and one near the airport.

Sedona Heritage Museum

Sedona's local museum is an old farmstead. This place is the home of old farming tools and orchard equipment that was used many years ago. The pioneers and their way of life as farmers are depicted here. If you are interested in history this is a definite place to stop and see the how our ancestors lived and worked.

Ways of the Ancients Tours

This is a company which is owned and operated by the true first settlers of the lands, the Native American Indians. They are dedicated to showing visitors the natural beauty of northern Arizona. Their guides will take you to the Grand Canyon or down the Colorado River. The Sinagua Indian Ruins is a stop that you will definitely want to make. If you like handmade crafts visit the Hopi Mesas for a tour.

When you visit Sedona one of the things that will impress you the most are the sunsets. When evening arrives and the glow of the sun is reflected on the canyon walls and the buildings which seem to blend together you will feel akin to the ancients. As they watched the same sun setting and reflecting on the walls of the Sedona canyons, do you suppose they were filled with the same awe? Sunset is followed by a canopy of stars which seems to almost touch the canyons; stress will melt away and you will feel as if you have finally found peace.

Sedona - One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on earth. You may now understand why the vortexes are so well visited. The feelings they inspire in those who visit are spiritual and allow the ability to get in touch with that aspect of your being. The private hiking trails that are a part of this area wind their way to the remains of the earliest Indians' living areas. Left intact with ashes showing where the meals were prepared, it is as if they just stepped away for a moment. The ancient caves, which are sacred ground, are abundant in this area. The feeling of being transported back into that time when the world was free of pollution and nature ruled is one that you will not soon forget.

If you can tear yourself away from the history of the Sedona area for a while, there are many other activities that you will enjoy, such as tennis and swimming. There are resort hotels in the area where you may stay and enjoy fitness centers and spas. Outdoor whirlpools, golf courses, mountain biking and championship croquet are but a few of the outdoor adventures in this area. Let's not forget the children's activities as well, so you can make this a family adventure.

However, it does not matter if you visit the area as a couple or a family, you will certainly enjoy this area. The magical feeling of Sedona, Arizona will stay with you for a lifetime. One thing is certain, when you leave to return to the world you left behind, everything will be viewed in a different perspective.

Destination luxury spas resorts all over the world offer getaways that fit both your relaxation and entertainment needs. Luxury destination spas can be found in areas nestled in beautiful surroundings for optimal self indulgence from the view to the amenities.

In Sedona, Arizona for example, resort destination spas are a plenty and offer a view of the mystic Sedona red rocks along with a mind/body spiritual feeling that Sedona has become known for. Any itinerary that includes Sedona should also include a trip to one of their healing spas, whether it's a resort stay, a weekend indulgence or a spa day visit full of massages, body rejuvenation, and aromatherapy.

More Than Massage

These days luxury destination spay getaways are much more than visiting the massage center. With more and more resorts offering spa-themed stays that include everything from the spa experience to hiking and mind and body renewal offerings, spa visitors are making these treks a top pick for annual vacations.

You can awake to a swim with natural waterfalls, play tennis, golf, eat a taste bud tempting lunch or visit the fitness centers in these destination spas. Top dollar linens and robes can be found at these destination spas along with smells of lavender and vanilla to help you find mind peace while you are given massages such as Reiki, deep tissue massages and even neuromuscular massages.

With candles and aromatherapy abundant, these themed resorts all are designed with calming massage centers that boast plush carpets, quiet hallways, and individual massage rooms that are full of mellow hues to enhance your spa experience.

Unique Seminars and Inner Exploration

Because destination spas have become so popular all over the world, most offer unique seminars such as how to cook and eat healthy, exploring your inner self with all sorts of topics, and retreats of inner exploration. Chances are if there is a self-help category you have always been interested in, a luxury spa resort can fill your need and desires.

With every serene surrounding, no matter what country or state, you can bet to find a day spa, a spa luxury resort or destination spa-themed hotel. The word "relaxing" is back in vacation methodology and running from tourist site to tourist site or taking those long site seeing trips is on the back burner these days when it comes to getaways.

Individual attention is key at these luxurious resorts, and every amenity, from the spa to the fitness center to the events offered to the delicious dining experiences, are planned and re-visited often to keep visitors coming back. Quality chefs from all over the world prepare top of the line meals, and wine selections are exceptional at every luxury destination spa or resort.

Choosing the luxury destination spa that is right for your needs is as easy as refining your Internet browsing search. If you are all about massage only or fitness and massage, you can find spas dedicated just to those needs, or ones that boast everything from manicures, pedicures and whole body comforts. If you are about hiking, golf, and renewal, there's a spa that will fit your needs.

No matter what type of luxury spa destination getaway you plan, you will find one enveloped in a serene and peaceful area full of natural surroundings that make you want to go back again and again.

Mii amo in Sedona Arizona is a luxury destination spa, and perfect for your next vacation. Enjoy individual attention at this luxurious resort, creating your personal spa journey with Native American spa treatments, inner healing, and intelligent cuisine.

Enchantment Resort is located in beautiful Boynton Canyon in Sedona Arizona. A luxury vacation resort, Enchantment offers private casitas, breathtaking views of red rock country, and a AAA Four Diamond restaurant dining experience.

Click on the above Nassau link for a list of activities and tours in Sedona Arizona.

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