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Mary Mary Jamaica Update and Mini Concert / How To Choose Where To Stay In Jamaica

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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, situated just south of Cuba. Jamaican generosity is well renowned all over the globe. he Caribbean island is famous for coffee, music, rum and many picturesque beaches. Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril are Jamaica's main beaches and all of them are attractive and famous for plain turquoise Caribbean waters. Jamaica offers both lushly landscaped tropical resorts, or beachside resorts tropically landscaped. In any event, the only reason to leave a Jamaican resort is to sightsee.

You can laze around in the plentiful sunshine and can watch out at the never-ending sea. Sipping traditional Jamaican cocktails is a delight on Jamaica beaches. The beaches in Negril are long spread with up to 7 miles of white sands.

Negril is one of the major tourist destinations of Jamaica. The beach is world famous for its seven-mile stretch of white sand. Negril is the perfect place to enjoy a Caribbean vacation. Black River Safari is a popular attraction in Negril . Discover the beauty of the South Coast with a 1/12 hour boat tour by motor launch up Jamaica's largest navigable river and through what is amaica's largest wetland area, the Black River lower morass. A basic tour takes you six miles up the river and returns, during which a running commentary is given by your captain/ tour guide on both the ecology and a little history of the area. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass and many are seen during your trip. The endangered American Crocodile inhabits the area and sightings are frequent.. The wetland vegetation is of special interest with three species of mangrove, Thatch palms, Royal palms and freshwater swamp forest dominating.

Young people really enjoy Negril as the perfect break vacation destination. Here you can enjoy sports.. Most of our visiting students relax in under an umbrella with a cold drink on a beach of their choosing.. The nightlife in Negril Jamaica is unparalleled. At nights on Negril beach, there
are beach parties or open-air bars as most beaches lead up to some of Negril's Finest Hotels. During the day you can go for a dip in quiet waters of Black river, or can tour the Appleton Estate to see and taste how rum is made.

Ocho Ríos (nickname Ochie), Spanish for Eight Rivers, is a town on the northern coast of Jamaica, located in the parish of Saint Ann. It is a popular tourist destination, well known for scuba diving and other water sports. Ocho Rios is one of the fastest growing towns in the Caribbean with a population of about 96,000 people. Ocho Rios was once a fishing village until it was discovered and is now a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean as well as a famous stop for cruise ships going into the Caribbean. It is only second in importance to the tourism industry of Jamaica. Ocho Ríos is also known as the home of Dunn's River Falls. This is a popular attraction that is visited by thousands of visitors each year. Dunn's River Falls cascades down approximately 695 feet into the sea. Visitors take pleasure in 'climbing' the falls, which are fed by springs located in the hills above, as the refreshingly chilled water rushes around them. Ocho Rios is mountainous and famous for it's Blue Mountains. A tour of Ocho Rios takes you on a trip through flora, fauna, fruits and spices of the Blue Mountains. Of course you can also visit where the world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee is grown.

Montego Bay (nickname MoBay) is another crowded tourist destination of Jamaica, where to can take a short trip and go Bamboo River rafting on the Marta Brae or go swimming under the waterfalls of Dunn's River. Jamaica was always a special place for actor Errol Flynn. It is said that he saw farmers floating sugar cane down the river on rafts and suggested that they put seats on them and carry people. Now river raft piloting is a trade passed down from father to son. Each rafter makes his own raft of bamboo that he cuts himself. Visits to Jamaica by other Hollywood icons such as Noel Coward, Ian Fleming made it famous over 70 years ago. It has always been the first place people will name when asked about an island in the Caribbean. Jamaicans say that if you have visited more than once, then you are Jamaican!

There are beaches to die for, mountains, and the most incredible red sunsets anywhere in the world, but that by itself is probably not enough to make you want to take a Jamaica vacation or honeymoon. There is no doubt it is quite unlike other Caribbean islands close by in that it really does cater for a broad range of tastes. After all where else caters for everything from the idle beach bum to the wealthy, the honeymooner who wants isolation to the party goer who is looking for an all action resort.

The only area that isn't well developed is shopping. Jamaica is not a shoppers paradise, yet. But Jamaica is a port for cruise ships. As a matter of fact, most cruise ships take on dinking water in Jamaica as the islands water is so pure. And where there are cruise ships, there is shopping. There are shopping malls in Jamaica. You can think of them more in terms of Strip Malls.
There you can buy everything from Jewelry to Cuban Cigars that you better smoke before leaving the island. (still illegal at this writing)

Choosing when to travel to Jamaica is important. Jamaica really has an idyllic climate so it is a year round tropical vacation destination. The average temperature is 77degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 82 degrees in the summer. The coastal plains in the north get the benefit of the trade winds that blow from the Atlantic , and then there tends to be a breeze morning and evening caused by cooling and heating of the land. It rains in May, and from August to
October, but to be fair it doesn't rain every day, the showers only last a couple of hours maximum, and the prices are better during this time of year.

To make use of any Travel Agent, or even your own travel plans, you need to know what type of tropical Jamaican vacation you are planning. Do you intend to travel on your own, or as a couple, or in a group. Jamaica has a huge variety of places to stay , enough things to do to satisfy even the most diverse of tastes. It really doesn't matter if you are a bunch of college students, honeymooners, or a family there is something for you. Getting married in Jamaica is very
affordable, especially if you avoid the peak season from Late December to Late April when accommodation costs are at their maximum. Visit our Jamaican Honeymoon Registry, Click Here!

The type of accommodation you are looking for will be available, unless you must travel at peak season when early booking is essential, but then Jamaica isn't any different to any other Caribbean Island. Here you will find everything from Casual bed and breakfasts to inns with old world charm. There are super all inclusive resorts to luxury villas, in fact Jamaica has it all and more. Then there is what do you want to see and do. You can spend a week sipping Pina
Coladas on a beach or by a pool, lying in a hammock under a palm tree with a good book or iPod. On the other hand you could go scuba diving, or river rafting, horse riding, or play golf on world class courses. Jamaica has something for everyone The attractions and activities of Jamaica will keep you as busy or as relaxed as you want.

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