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Unique and Amazing Tourist Attractions of Frederick, Maryland ~ Tourism in Frederick County

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Maryland is full of interesting spots to visit and marvel at during the holidays and weekends. The historic town of Frederick at North, the county seat of Frederick County, is one such spot.

If you appreciate American history, you should definitely take a walking tour of the historic downtown Frederick. The variety of churches, spires and classic looking buildings will certainly appeal to the amateur historian in you. The ninety minute walk includes a stop by at the Historical Society of Frederick County Museum and the famous Roger Brooke Taney House.

If you are a Civil War buff, Frederick offers a one-and-only museum of its kind – the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Admission is free to this authoritative exhibit of the medicinal technology used back in the 1860s. Educational exhibits and shows, and a good museum store complete the tour.

Did you know that Francis Scott Key, the author of the US National Anthem, was from Frederick, Maryland and has a monument at the Mount Olivet Cemetery?

And guess who else lies at the same cemetery? Thomas Johnson, the first Governor of Maryland.

You can also visit the curious Hessian Barracks (by appointment only) at 101 Clark Place, Frederick where two battalions of Hessian soldiers were quartered back in 1777. The barracks later on became home to many mercenaries fighting for England and against the fledgling new democracy of the New Continent.

The Barbara Fritchie House and Museum honors this interesting woman who supposedly challenged the mercurial Stonewall Jackson with “shoot if you must, this old gray head, but spare your country's flag.” Her reconstructed home now welcomes visitors as a museum.

Beatty-Cramer Architectural Museum has a truly unique place in American history. The building of this museum on 9010 Liberty Road, was there at its current spot when the Frederick Country was founded back in 1748! The architectural connoisseurs will find plenty to admire in the way it was built including its wooden frame and interesting brick work.

The Children's Museum of Rose Hill Manor Park is another must-see spot for museum goers. Its exhibits include a manor house preserved in its 1790s condition and a Carriage Museum. Every year the museum hosts an “Annual Civil War Encampment” that is worth seeing.

And of course when in Frederick you have to pay a visit to the Monocacy National Battlefield. The battle fought there on July 9, 1864 went down into the history books as the fight that “saved Washington DC.” Although the Confederate General Jubal Early has won the Monocacy battle, he was held at Frederick just long enough to set up an effective defense perimeter around Washington and thus save the city from falling into Confederate hands.

Every September, on the third week following the Labor Day holiday, the Great Frederick Fair welcomes all visitors with a program that is worthy of its name. The Fair was first held back in May 1822. How's that for some tradition? It first started as a “Cattle Show” and progressed to its current status as a 4-H agricultural educational fair and good old fashioned entertainment for the whole family. Local farmers compete to win the top prizes for their exhibited cattle and livestock.

If you like history and architecture you must not miss the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, MD. This is the oldest building in Frederick and a perfect example of the mid-18th Century German architecture (built in 1756).

Here is another attractions you might definitely want to include in your tour of Frederick, Maryland:

The fantastic Lilypons Water Gardens present one of the largest lilly ponds in the world. People from all over the world come to see this garden situated in historic Buckeystown, just outside south of Frederick. Founded in 1917, this is really the place to be if you'd like to rest your tired eyes with the gorgeous spectacle of all kinds of delicate lilies. Koi & Wine Festival, Ed Sander Memorial Bike Ride, and Family Festival at the Farm (in October) are just some of the events held at this unique tourist spot .

History is still breathing deep and live in Frederick, Maryland.

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