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Aruba, Our Island ~ Plan Your Next Trip to Aruba and Save Money

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Do you often dream of going on a vacation to somewhere tropical? A place where you can enjoy the place yet a place that wouldn't compromise your budget for the trip? Do you want to visit the tropical island of Aruba in the Caribbean but are hesitant because of the cost of the trip? Fret no more, this article can help you by providing some tips on how you can visit Aruba without spending much for leisure.

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean, just off the shore of Venezuela, where it is sunny almost all year round. It is a perfect place where you and your family can enjoy the scenery, water sports and other family recreational activities. One way to consider in order to save on the trip is to book airline tickets to Aruba during off peak season which is from the end of April until November. It is also better to go online to compare bookings and other reservations instead of going to a travel agent for you to have more options and save on fees that agencies charge.

In order to save, the best months to go to Aruba is during the off season. December to April is the peak season since people travel to Aruba to enjoy the warm weather when it is cold and snowy in their own countries.To have your Caribbean vacation in Aruba, go there during off peak season to enjoy the same tropical weather at a lower price, that other people pay for extra during the peak season. This way you can still get every perk that Aruba offers without compromising your budget for the trip.

Another great tip is to book early for flights and accommodation months before your trip to find deals for bigger discounts during both peak and off-peak seasons. If you decide to travel during the off season, you can get the best of what hotels can offer with the price of a regular room because during this season most of the hotel room are vacant. This way, going for a luxurious accommodation in a fancy hotel or reserving a suite is best during the off season for the price drops amazingly as there are not that much guests.

When you go with your family or a group, you can also save by getting a vacation rental like houses, villas or cottages instead of having your accommodations in a hotel. This option is also best for those who want to have a more peaceful vacation, away from the crowd of other tourists. Sometimes when owners really appreciate having guests during the off season, they even give some discounts for those who stay for a week or longer.

You will definitely enjoy the same things that Aruba offers during the peak season even if you come during the off season. There are less number of people during this season; this then makes way for you to enjoy longer activities like, snorkeling, diving, marine life viewing, horseback riding, golf lessons, etc. Restaurants that offer great food and drinks are also less crowded,giving you an even better dining experience. Merchandise that are being sold are a lot cheaper so you can buy souvenirs and a lot more.

Aruba is a tropical island well known for its white and sandy beaches fronting the Atlantic Ocean. Although it is a small island, Aruba is rich in its cultural history along with diverse wildlife and natural beauties. So if you can pull yourself away from the beaches you might want to tour the history of Aruba.

The first humans to migrate to the Aruba were the Caiquetios, also known as the Arawak. Their origin is from the Orinoco Basin in South America and they migrated due to threats from the ferocious Carib. The presence of the Arawak tribes thousands of years ago can be found on some of the town names found around the Aruba island, such as Turibana, Guadirikiri, Camacuri, Andicuri and Bushiri; all these names are taken from the tribes chiefs and warriors. Apart from that, they also left behind remnants of their culture like pottery, earthenware, and other artifacts in different locations on the island which can be seen at the Archaeological Museum in Oranjestad or at the Historical Museums of Aruba at Fort Zoutman and Willem III Toren which is a lighthouse built in 1869. This lighthouse uses an oil lamp and it was first time lit during the birthday celebration of King Willem III's. Although there are not many tours that focus particularly on the indigenous aspect of Aruba, there are still some people who are willing to provide such tours.

You can also witness the dark cave area, drawings of the native tribes and petroglyphs especially in the Fontein and Guadirikiri Caves situated in Arikok National Park. The Guadirikiri Cave has been divided into two separate rooms; meanwhile the Fontein Cave is full of marked drawings done by the Arawak. Besides the Arikok National Park, which is the home to a variety of types of wildlife, and also offers a wonderful view of the island, other interesting places are for example the Bubali Bird Ponds, the butterfly farm, an ostrich farm, and the donkey sanctuary. Tours to Arikok National Park are usually done via jeep group tours as there are many dirt tracks and hiking trails here.

If you come across an area called Hudishibana, you will be able to see the well known California Lighthouse which was built in the year 1912. The lighthouse was named after a US ship named "California" which sank near the coast of Hudishibana in 1910. This place also is the location of Aruba's famous beautiful rolling white sand dunes and is a popular destination on many group tours.

There are very few tours that focus exclusively on the history of Aruba, so check with your hotel concierge or tour provider to find the best tour options for combining Aruba sightseeing and history.

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