Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Las Vegas Attractions: There's More To Do Than Gamble

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Las Vegas is one of the most famous and exciting cities in the United States. Known for its gambling, its entertainment venues, its fast weddings and even its seedier side, Las Vegas is an unforgettable place. Whether you're visiting for a weekend or a couple of weeks, you'll find something to do every day and every night. You could spend a month or more in the city and still not experience everything that Vegas has to offer.

The first thing that you'll want to do when planning a trip is to find the right hotel. There are hotels to suit any budget level. Even if you don't have the money to actually stay there, every visitor should pay a visit to the Bellagio Hotel. Outside the Bellagio is the famous fountain display, which runs throughout the day every day. Dazzling jets of water are choreographed to various different musical tracks - it's a must-see show.

That just goes to show you what type of place Las Vegas is - even the hotels have built-in entertainment. The Bellagio isn't the only one, either. There's a volcanic eruption at the Mirage Hotel, a lion Habitat at the MGM Grand, and many, many more. You could easily spend several nights in Vegas just visiting all of the hotel shows.

Of course, if you're going to visit Las Vegas, you've got to spend a little bit of time gambling. There are dozens and dozens of casinos all over the city. Again, there's something for every budget level, whether you just want to spend a couple dollars on slots or whether you're a card playing high roller. Many of the casinos also feature luxurious restaurants and entertainment events, such as comedy acts and live music. One casino, the RIO, features a Mardi Gras style parade that is actually suspended over the gambling floor.

Vegas is also home to many popular attractions of the non-gambling variety. You can see many of them by just walking down the Strip, but there are also free and paid monorail systems to help travelers get around. Some of the attractions that you might want to check out include the World of Coca Cola and the M&M Factory. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, however, and there are many more museums, art galleries, and more esoteric attractions to check out.

Las Vegas is also the home to many famous shows and events. If you want to see some of these shows, it's a good idea to plan in advance so you can be sure to get tickets. One of the most famous shows found there is the Cirque du Soleil. Getting tickets to one of these shows can be difficult, but it is well worth the effort.

On top of all these things, there's a lot more to do in Vegas. There are hundreds of wonderful restaurants serving a variety of different styles of food. There are vast shopping districts offering any product you could ever want to find. Las Vegas is just packed full of interesting things to see and fun things to do - you won't regret making the trip.

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