Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bali New Year's Eve Parties and Festivals ~ Haifa Wehbe "Habibi Ana" (My Love) (live)

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New Years is approaching in Bali and there are plenty of things going on !!!

  • Sunday Des 31st

New Years Eve
Salsa performances and guest & resident DJs. From 11pm


Old & New Dance Party
Resident DJs ring in the New Year. Till late

Cafe di Mare

DJ Bob Frisky (AUS)
A perfect blend of Funk, Electro, and Disco in a world class party. From 10.30pm (reservation req)

Cafe Wayang
Heaven White Party
DJs Anastacia, Buche, Steven and Izl. From 10pm

Brand New Day
Welcoming in 2007 with mysterious guest DJ performance. From 11pm

Glow to 2007
Special guest DJ. From 7pm

Double Six, Bacio, Paparazzi
World Celebration
A stacked line-up: Joujouka (JPN), DJs Kevin Jackson (UK), Chandra (Bali), Andre (Bali), Mickey Moran (JKT), Alfan (Bali), Brent Burns (S.AFR), Wilson (Bali), Nolly (Bali), Georgia (Bali), Fadi (SWE), Dede (Bali), Helmy (Bali), Ivan (Bali), Emon (Bali), and Anastacia (Bali). Till late

DSM Amphitheater

Final Fantasy
DJs Abel, Daniel, & Brent Burns. From 10pm

F Lounge
NYE 007: For Your Fonk Only
The Bond Girls, shaken or stirred? From 11pm

Harris Resort
Around The World
Saharadja band plays the stage, fire dancers, fashion shows, lucky draws, live DJs and dinner. From 7.30pm

Hard Rock Cafe
One Night In Vegas
Wong Pitoe band and DJ Stephane K (NYC). From 10pm

A Night @ The Hu’u Mansion
Retro disco, Paradise Garage era NY cum Playboy 70’s golden years. Entree 500k. From 11pm

Kama Sutra
Bring Back The Paradise
DJ Woody, band & dancers. From 7pm

70’s Disco style with DJs Donni 1 & Billy the Kid. From 7pm

Musro Club Zone
DJs Micky & Willy get you warmed up. From 9pm

Obsesion Bar
New Years Eve Party
DJs Nusa, Romy & Monica

Jump to 007
DJs Freey, Livan, Sandy & Gatot. From 9pm

Stadium Cafe
Stadium Revolution
Guest DJ. From 9pm

Tao Bali
New Years Party 2007
DJs Nathan & Soma. From 10pm

The Wave
End Of Year Party
DJs Agoeng, Georgia, Rima & Shumi. FDC 150k. From 6pm

Source: Beat Magazine

There will be many smaller places around the island, putting on special events for New Years. The weather has turned wet, offering a refreshing break from the noon day sunlight.

Bali has myriad festivals, rituals, and events. Balinese culture has great meaning behind all its festivals. Some festivals in Bali are dedicated to certain gods, including those who symbolize knowledge, virtue, or birth.

Harvest festivals, fasting and retreat festivals, blood sacrifices, and temple festivals are all part and parcel of Bali festivals. Festivals that signify the anniversary of a temple's founding called Odalan are quite famous. Nyepi festival marks the beginning of a new lunar year and on this day, everyone in Bali, including tourists, must remain silent. It is believed that any evil spirits would pass away thinking that the place is uninhabited due to the complete stillness.

The most important Bali festival is Galungan, which symbolizes the victory of virtue over evil. Balinese call it the victory of Dharma over Adharma. It is considered essential that the Balinese visit all their family temples on this day. A local holiday is declared on this day and every family is supposed to plant a bamboo pole decorated meticulously with coconut leaves and flowers.

Pagarwesi, another famous festival in Bali, is devoted to the lord of the universe, Sanghyang Pramesti Guru. The name literally means iron fence and Balinese people pray to this god for strong mental defense.

Festivals in Bali are eventful and colorful and the list includes Kuningan, when ceremonies are held for Balinese ancestors. This festival brings the New Year holiday period to a close.

There are festivals and ceremonies in Bali that are dedicated to the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. Lots of ceremonies are also held to honor Holy Scriptures, science, literature, and arts.

Tumpek landep, a festival of weapons and tools made of metal for proper use and function is celebrated in every Balinese family compound. The rice harvest festival is one among the several popular festivals in Balinese culture. Tribute is paid to the rice god Dewi Sri, by placing small straw rice-god dolls in fields and villages. You can always check out the online resources and the significant number of books available to get to know about Balinese culture and festivals.

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