Sunday, October 4, 2009

Patti LaBelle ~ "You Are My Friend", Here's What to Expect When Starting a Business

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It seems like the American dream has turned quite a bit in the last decade. It used to be to land a great job (with benefits), buy a house, have a family, and eventually retire. Now a large number of Americans have placed owning a business at the top of this list and I have been one of those. I would just like to shed a bit of personal experience to people who have grown up in the go to college and get a job era. I hope that this helps anyone who is considering owning a business and help them make the best choice for them.

There are many choices when looking at what to invest your money in. You can buy a franchise, start from scratch, work an online business....really the choices are overwhelming. The bottom line is that people would like to make more money and for the most part be in charge of their schedule more. There is a major problem that most of us have and it is that the American education system has programmed us to go to college, get good grades, and find a "career". There is nothing wrong with that, just that all of the education that we spent our hard earned money on taught us how to work effectively for other people, not how to run a business.

My advice when looking into investing your money into a business is to make sure that there is training available to help you succeed. Whether it is franchise training, online training, or you help yourself by going to seminars and training in the field of your choice. There are a number of people and groups that offer classes and training that will save you thousands of dollars. In today's internet age this training can even be offered online. Whatever it is make sure that you will not be alone, because it is a very hard place to be. There are also a lot of books that are at your local bookstore that shed light on the situation.

In closing if you are looking into starting a business I wish you the best of luck and I do think that it is a great time to jump into that adventure, just make sure if you have worked in a traditional career your whole life that you are able to change your way of thinking and have the support it takes to be successful.

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