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Hottest Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach ~ Myrtle Beach Golf "The Wizard"

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By Lucille Jewett

The Myrtle Beach is considered by many as the miniature gold capital of the world. Why? Myrtle Beach is a city in South Carolina which is considered as the hottest vacation destination for all those tourists who like enjoying a good game of golf, while at the same time enjoying the nice beach in the same area.

Since you are in search of affordable and convenient golf vacation packages, here are two of the hottest gold packages the Myrtle Beach has to offer: Burroughs and Chapin and the Glens Group golf packages.

Most of the packages offered already include accommodations in any of the luxurious Myrtle Beach hotels and resorts, along with your access to fun golfing activities. If you would be consulting their websites over the net, you can get the chance to compare the prices and eventually find the hottest deal that will best fit your preferences and budget.

The Burroughs and Chapin offers three different packages namely the 5 round package, 3 round package and the 4 round package. The 5 round package allows you to play Grande Dunes, Pine Lakes and Tidewater and any two additional from the 6 remaining courses offered by Burroughs and Chapin. You will also be given 3 free rounds for an afternoon play from your selected course. Selections include the Arcadian Shores, Farmstead, Meadowlands, River Hillls, and Myrtlewood's Palmetto & Pinehills courses.

Burroughs and Chapin's 3 round package offer on the other hand gives guests access to play gold games on either Grande Dunes, Pine Lakes or Tidewater. In addition to this, guests will also be given any 2 of the 6 remaining courses and a free round for the afternoon play from any of the given selections stated above. It's 4 round package gives you 2 rounds on either Grande Dunes, Pine Lakes or Tidewater plus again, any two of the 6 other offered courses. Two free rounds will also be granted to you, on whichever course you choose between Arcadian Shores, Farmstead, Meadowlands, River Hills, and Myrtlewood's Palmetto & Pinehills.

Glens Group on the other hand will take you to a trip to the highlands as you book for a golf package, without having to leave the Myrtle Beach! This package is perfect for those golf enthusiasts who at the same time would like to enjoy the courses' natural beauty while at the same time diverting from the traditional course layouts. It features the Glen Dornoch course, Heather Glen course, the Shaftesbury course and the Possum Trot course, with each look made by nature, carrying both the Scottish Links look and feel. Glens Group offers a single special golf package that allows guests to play three among all the 4 available Glens courses - Heather Glen, Shaftesbury Glen, Glen Dornoch and Possum Trot.

There's no need for you to leave the Myrtle Beach when in search for good golf courses to enjoy! Just contact your tour consultant or search online and you are sure to find numerous options you can choose from that offers amazing golf packages in Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach vacations is a great idea for anyone looking for some time to relax. If you are planning to do more than stay at the hotel, consider bundling your vacation packages and saving on the whole experience. Buying the car, flight, hotel, and activities all at once will increase the savings on your trip.

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