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Orlando Vacations: Timeshare Rentals, Villas, and Vacation Homes Cheaper Than Staying With The Mouse./ Disney Condo Rental

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Taking a vacation in Orlando, Florida this year is on the top of many peoples’ agenda for the upcoming New Year. With the cost of flights dropping daily this is the perfect time to stop what you are doing and go to Orlando, and one of the best ways to stay in Orlando is through Orlando Vacation Homes, Villas, and Timeshare Rentals.

If you are okay with having to travel a little further to get into the Disney parks, perhaps the vacation rentals in the Orlando area may be a good idea. This is great for the family who has other plans for their Orlando vacation, plans that do not necessarily include one of the Disney parks. Believe it or not there are plenty of things to do in Orlando and not all of them are owned by the Walt Disney family. For this reason, it may be a good idea to stay somewhere other than on or near Disney property-especially if you have teenagers in your party.

When renting a villa or any type of vacation rental in the Orlando area it is important to remember that there are many to choose from. You are not restricted to one area, especially if you will have your vehicle or a rental car to tote the family around in. Keep your options open as far as entertainment and lodging goes, and you may save some money and have great fun in the process.

Many people choose a basic Orlando hotel to stay in, overlooking the abundance of opportunities to gain a much needed sense of privacy as well as cost effective accommodations.

Who really wants to deal with the hassles of hotel living, given the attention prone to overcharging the customer instead of satisfying them. With this in mind, what are the benefits of staying in Orlando Vacation Homes, Villas, and Timeshare Rentals instead of the competing hotels? The list is endless, but let us try and focus in on the most important attributes you will likely be inclined to choose from.

Is it going to be expensive? Obvious question to start with given the current financial times and an easy one to answer. Overwhelmingly "NO" compared to most hotels of the same caliber, Vacation Homes, Villas, and Timeshare Rentals in Orlando are quite a deal . Overall costs begin at the same price as the average hotel room will run you, and depending on if you are bringing children, try to keep in mind the additional rooms you would be paying for. Hotels rarely drop their rates a substantial amount for multiple rooms while vacation homes can be a quality solution to a families problem.

Forgetting about the affordable base cost to start, most Orlando vacation homes include a full kitchen, which can help save a pretty penny over room service. Now I know what your thinking, I didn't come on vacation to cook, and I fully agree. Most meals I assume you will be going out for, but cooking a few of the meals during your stay can save a good amount, which in turn could be spent on more entertaining ventures. In addition, the removal of a mini-bar from the equation must be an improvement over being hit with a huge charge for snacks and soda.

Other advantages range from every aspect of what your expect out of a vacation. The additional privacy of Orlando Vacation Homes, Villas, and Timeshare Rentals can give an extra spark to an already romantic getaway. Not to mention the fact that you will not be bothered by hotel staff, nor have to deal with the other guests staying there. Amenities are abundant, including big screen televisions, game rooms and wireless internet access, depending on your choice homes.

If you are bringing along a pet, you will also have an easier time finding a vacation home that accepts them over a hotel that will. Like I said, the advantages are endless. Through my first hand experience, I would suggest checking them out. I feel everyone owes it to themselves to get the most out of their vacation, and this is the best way I can personally add to it.

There are hundreds of things to do in Orlando. If you have children one of the most fun an entertaining things to do is visit Discovery Cove. For children who live animals this is one of the best places to visit. At Discovery Cove children and parents can actually take a ride on a dolphin, for people who are a little weary of the water there is a selections of thousands of fish to look at and read about as well as a free flight aviary where families can feed wild birds who are flying about their heads.

Another very popular place to visit for families when they are staying at their Orlando rental is Wet n’ Wild, this is an awesome place to visit considering you are in the sun capital of the United States. With the temperature rarely getting cold in Orlando this is a great opportunity to have some fun in the sun with over 25 thrilling rides that all have to do with water! Another thing that families can do is learn to wakeboard or water ski, throughout Florida there are many locations where people can learn to water ski, wakeboard, or kneeboard behind a boat. Most of these boats come equipped with everything you will need for the experience; there are a few different lakes around Orlando that you and your family will be able to go to.

For people staying at Orlando rentals without children there are some more adult activities to do such as going to see one of the famous Cirque du Soleil shows. The most popular one in Orlando is La Nouba, which has mesmerizing performances almost every night of the week for people visiting. For people who are inclined to try something more daring there are many companies that specialize in skydiving and hot air balloon rides which offer a great view of Florida from the sky and a great story to tell when you get home from your Orlando timeshare rental. For people looking to skydive remember you have to 18+ in order to sky dive at most locations, but for people interested in hot air balloon rides there usually isn’t an age limit which makes it easier for people traveling with children, although companies have different rules regarding their particular company. Orlando timeshare rentals offer a ton of different activities for every age. If you didn’t hear about something you are interested in doing in this article you may be able to find information by the owner of your timeshare resort.

Taking a Disney vacation with the family is one of the most enviable things of them all. So many people would love to be able to take the time off or afford the cost to take the family on a Disney vacation, so it is a good idea to do it right the first time-just in case you never get the opportunity to go back.

If you are traveling with the wife or husband, a nice hotel room is a great idea. If you are traveling with the whole family in tow, Orlando Vacation Homes, Villas, and Timeshare Rentals are the best idea. They are great for large groups or small families, have all the creature comforts of home, and often include certain perks that other vacation spots and hotels or motels might not offer.

There are certain areas to stay in when vacationing in Orlando. There are vacation rentals that are actually on Disney property and are owned by Disney. There are those vacation rentals that are situated right at the mouth of the park, and then there are those that are strategically placed in and around the Greater Orlando Area. Disney Owned Vacation Rentals

By far the most expensive of them all, the Disney owned vacation rentals are also the most fun for the family. They often have character dinners, special discounts on theme park tickets, free transportation and other perks that can make a Disney vacation truly memorable-especially for the kids. These are available on many sites, and can even be booked through a travel agent if that is who you have handling your travel affairs.

There are a good many benefits to staying on Disney property. It completes the Disney World experience for many young ones and families with any aged children, and it positions you right next to all of the Disney fun.

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