Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia - Best, Incredible Tourist Destination ~ "A Land Down Under" Men at Work

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By Matt D Fuller

Millions come to Australia every year, and not just for business or relocation, but to simply enjoy the many types of vacations this country provides. From natural treasures to exotic resorts, this country offers tourists everything. Modern conveniences and true outdoor experiences await!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when vacation time is coming is to decide where to go. It often depends on what you want to spend your time doing. Many people want to sign up for cruises or group tours, seeking to meet new people in exciting locations. Others want something more private or more typical, like a hotel with a beach nearby. And further more people are looking to really get away, to rough it deep in the culture of whatever country they are visiting. Would you believe that Australia suits all types of vacation?

One of the main attractions for any vacation spot is a beach. Australia is blessed with approximately ten thousand beaches and it's no wonder, since this land has fifty thousand kilometers of coastline. Surrounded by beautiful blue oceans, the Australian way of life is very laid back and the ocean is an integral part of that. Sand and sun are never far away.

For those who are looking less for a beach and more for a pool, Australia has wonderful resorts to choose from. Many hotels are luxurious and provide full service, while some resorts are actually more for privacy and winding down, de-stressing. Byron at Byron for example has private apartment style rooms that are a short walk from the actual main complex. Their facilities include five 'treatment' rooms and Vichy type showers, giving the over-worked a chance to relax and be catered to.

Australia is also overflowing with natural treasures. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, was declared a world heritage site. The great sandstone formation is littered with waterholes and deep caves, and covered with ancient paintings, hinting at the mysterious legends that surround the huge rock. Henbury Meteorites Conversation Reserve draws scientific minds from all over the world and is the result of a meteor explosion five thousand years ago. Twelve large craters pock the ground, making it look like a lunar landscape in the eyes of many.

Barron Gorge National Park, another world heritage site, sports incredible waterfalls and tropical rainforests. Flecker Botanical Gardens brags about having at least a hundred species of the palm plant alone, and the footpaths that tread through the gardens are peaceful and serene. If it's a park you're looking for, Australia has it, from protected forests to open campgrounds. Hiking and guide tours are available, you only have to choose!

The Great Barrier Reef, another of Australia's natural treasures, has always been a source of tourism for this country. Large parts of it remain protected to reduce the impact of humanity upon the delicate coral system. However, tourists can still rent glass bottom boats or go scuba diving in some areas, to explore the rare underwater plants and see the exotic sea creatures. Nearby Melbourne, a modern city with great architectural buildings, offers balloon rides at both sunrise and sunset over the city, and people can take helicopter tours of the reef itself.

Australia provides every opportunity the experienced or inexperienced tourist might wish for. From sophisticated hotels to luxury resorts to outback excursions, visitors to this vast country, the world's sixth largest, can find everything and anything they might want to do on vacation. Hot nightclubs, conservation areas for backpackers, hotels and shopping, Australia has it all and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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