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Jimi Hendrix "Wind Cries Mary" ~ Some Interesting Things to Do in Bermuda

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By Kieron Sellens

Every year, thousands of British tourists flock to Bermuda to enjoy the sun, sea and sands but there's actually a lot more to the place than just this. Here are a few things that tourists can enjoy on a luxury Bermuda holiday...

Beyond the Beaches...

Let's get the beaches out of the way because, although there's plenty more to see, there's no denying that they're absolutely stunning! Some of them offer great conditions for water sports, including windsurfing and kayaking, while others are notable for their unusual pink sand! The quality of the beaches is beyond question, and visitors will be hard pushed to pick a favourite. That said the best advice is probably to investigate Elbow Beach, Astwood Cove and Horseshoe Bay.

A Whole World Beneath the Waves

But those who choose to concentrate on the sands and nearby shallow waters are missing out on a whole world just below the surface. Bermuda offers outstanding scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities - amongst the best in the world. Once qualified, divers can explore a whole world of colourful coral reefs and submerged shipwrecks in no time at all. Great for newly qualified divers or veterans, scuba diving is taken very seriously here, and it would be a crying shame to miss out during your luxury Bermuda holiday.

Golf in the Sunshine

It may sound like hell for some Bermuda holiday makers, but for some reason many want to switch the beaches for the bunkers! If a day on the fairways sounds like paradise, then Bermuda is really well served - there are seven 18 hole and one 9 hole golf course. For a real treat, The Port Royal Golf Course is well worth a look, and is regarded by some as amongst the best in the world. Even if you're struggling to hit par, the views of the ocean are the perfect anaesthetic to a rough game.

Enjoy High Tea

As Britain's oldest colony, the Union Jack has flown above Bermuda for more than 300 years. If you're prone to missing Blighty on your travels, the island should be a rare treat - there are echoes of Britain throughout Bermuda, from the duty free versions of London department stores to the tidy British cottages. Perhaps the most pleasing echo of England though is high tea served in the island's guesthouses - it's definitely worth leaving the beach for.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

If you're fond of fishing, then Bermuda is the holiday destination for you. Not only does the incredible climate make passing time in the boat relaxing beyond belief, but there's no need for a fishing permit over there, meaning you can enjoy it as you please. Once you've hired a fishing boat, you can begin to hunt barracuda, bonefish and blue marlin at will. Why relax on the beach, when you can enjoy some prime fishing time?

Pamper Yourself in the Spas

All this relaxation can really take it out of you, so why not allow yourself to be pampered for a little while? Bermuda has a selection of excellent spas to choose from, and visitors can choose from a wide range of heavenly treatments from facials to massages. Two of the best spas are at the Fairmont Southampton and Cambridge Beaches, and whether you're heading for a romantic couples massage, or just a quick treatment for one, there's no doubt you'll come out feeling completely refreshed... and ready for some more relaxation!

Take in the Sights

There's actually quite a lot to see on a Bermuda holiday. From the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo (BAMZ) to the crystalline tidal pools of the Crystal Caves, Bermuda is not short of a few things to see. Perhaps the biggest attraction is the Royal Naval Dockyard though. Used throughout the 1800s to World War II and beyond, it's now one of Bermuda's top attractions, and contains a museum, snorkel park and plenty of interesting shops with local pottery and glass artists.

Prove Your Tennis Mettle

There's plenty of room for brushing up on your tennis form with nearly 100 courts across the island. If you're staying in one of the larger hotels, you'll likely have one on your doorstep! Once you've reached a serviceable standard, watch out for tournaments which are held throughout the island - many of these are open to visitors, so you can do your best to prove that it's not just Henman and Murray who can fly the flag for Britain!

Hopefully this list will have shown you some of the lesser known aspects of a luxury Bermuda holiday. Of course, you can spend the duration of your trip on the beach and you'll have an excellent time, but you'll be missing out on some of the most relaxing activities this wonderful area has to offer.

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