Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Crab Feast" Food Network ~ Crazy About Blue Crabs?

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By Carol Alleyne

Crab lovers know that one of the best edible crabs are the blue crabs. The Blue Crabs are found in the western Atlantic Ocean. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is famous for their abundance of tasty blue crabs for income, food and recreation. The blue crabs are also found in Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, New Orleans and Florida. The crabs are harvested using crab pots, dredges, dip nets and hand lines and sold commercially either as hard-shelled or soft-shelled crab. Crabs that are caught before the new shell has time to harden are called soft-shell crabs. Soft shelled crabs are available for a longer period of time in warmer waters such as the Gulf of Mexico.

The picked meat from the backfin area of the crab is used to make cakes, soup and other dishes. The soft shelled crab is a favourite delicacy with it's slightly sweetish taste can be enjoyed baked, fried or grilled and also be cooked and eaten whole, shell and all. Crab cake is a favourite among the blue crab lovers of Maryland and very easy to make by just binding the meat from the soft shell crab - mayonnaise with bread crumbs or crackers and a modest amount of their traditional Old Bay seasoning. Another familiar tradition with the Maryland Families who love crab is feasting on delicious hard crab and crab cakes for the Christmas holiday season. Growing up as a child in the Caribbean the most enjoyable way of eating crab is curried: you cook it with curry powder mix with your other ingredients and boil down to form a thick gravy in coconut milk it's mouth watering.

If you love eating crab and don't want the hassle of having to clean them, you can order your crab online. It is so easy now to get your fresh crab delivered to you right to your door, you have the choice of ordering live crab which is packed with the freshest and liveliest crabs caught the day that they are shipped or order them steamed so you're sure they won't perish. Or you can order delicious prepared crab meals made with their special blend of mild seafood seasoning and a great way to enjoy a variety of other seafood.

For more information on Maryland Blue Crab and where to get your delicious cooked crab meals to order go to: www.squidoo.com/maryland-bluecrab.

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