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Men's Dating Advice - Sexy Trips Score Big With the Ladies ~ Timbaland "Carry Out" Ft. Justin Timberlake (LIVE )

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Men, if you are looking for a way to enhance your love life, bring back romance, or make your sex life sizzle, try planning a beach vacation. Women love to go on romantic beach vacations. Here are a few tricks to make it easy and affordable.

Determine when you both can go on a trip. Approaching this subject with her will thrill her. Say something like, "I am planning a trip to Florida for us so we can spend some quiet time alone. I am thinking the first week of September. Would that work for you?" The important thing in this initial discussion is that
1. She will be shocked you are planning a vacation
2. She will be impressed that you thought of it without her.
3. She will be flattered that you want to spend time with her.
4. She will be swept off her feet that you even thought of a date in advance because this shows you are serious, taking control of the planning and thinking of her romantically when she has no clue.

This initial planning conversation will immediately score big points with your mate. Not only have you made her feel important, you have started a very romantic mutual interest to share with her.

The next step is to plan the location of your beach vacation. Choose a beach where the two of you will have privacy and avoid crowds. The best beaches are in Florida, which is generally convenient for cheap flights as well. From nearly anywhere in the country, you can fly into Orlando for less than two hundred dollars. At that point you can rent a car and drive another hour and a half to Siesta Key, Longboat Key, or Anna Maria Island to stay for a week. There is a closer airport to fly into, in Sarasota, which is only about twenty five minutes from the beach rentals. Flying into Sarasota may be worth the few extra dollars. Now that you have chosen the location, think about your budget. The most affordable and romantic choices are going to be vacation rentals. Vacation rentals include beach houses, cottages, condos, and homes near the beach. If you can't afford a house right on the beach, that's okay, because Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and Anna Maria Island are small narrow strips of land called barrier islands that have the Gulf of Mexico on one side, and the Sarasota Bay on the other side. They are so narrow, that you can easily walk to any beach location you want, or rent a bike. Some vacation rentals even include bikes that the owners allow guests to use. It may be cheaper to rent a house with a private pool that is walking distance to the beach than it is to get a condo on the beach. I strongly recommend making your planning easier by contacting a specialist who will narrow down the choices based on date and budget for you. The best company for this is Coast 2 Coast Vacation Rentals as they only staff their phones with experts on the areas they represent.

They also work with nearly every vacation rental available in that area, bringing together hundreds of companies you would have to call individually. Have the agent email you your choices, and you narrow it down to the top three. Once you have the top three choices, it's time to have a romantic conversation with your mate. Set up a planning your vacation date with her. Set aside a specific time to look at the choices and share what things draw you to each vacation rental. Discuss what you think the benefits are and what the drawbacks are on each individual unit. Women love pretty things, so you may find she is more attracted to a rental because of the interior decorating than you are. Let her have that.

Let her make that choice, because if she feels like she is surrounded in luxury, she will relax and enjoy the trip more. Women need to feel relaxed to enjoy sex and romance, and since your most intimate alone times will most likely be inside the vacation rental, let her pick it. The benefits of this planning date are

1. She will be impressed that you narrowed it down to three choices and are taking complete responsibility for the work part of trip planning.
2. She will love that you want her opinion and feel special that you don't argue about what she chooses.
3. She will feel special because you are listening to her and talking with her
4. She will feel excited by the romance building up to the trip, and when romantic ideas build up in a woman's mind, it makes her more interested in sex.
5. She will feel like you are a bit of a hero, or at least see you as being competent at planning and gain new respect for you.
6. She will tell all her friends about what a great guy you are planning this trip and they will all be jealous. Women share their experiences with each other and the approval of their friends may make them feel proud to have you as their mate, and make them more sexually expressive.

When the decision is made, call the agent, make the reservations, and begin planning activities. There are so many fun things to do on a trip that build and strengthen a relationship. Visit romantic places like Mixon Fruit Farm in Bradenton, Florida. Plan to cook a romantic meal in your vacation rental using fresh local produce and fish. Have a picnic or grill out and enjoy the pool. Lie around the beach then stroll quaint shopping districts. Make sure you put aside a few dollars specifically to purchase that lovely item she falls in love with during your trip. Surprise her with it and she will never forget how romantic that was. It may be the thing she cherishes most because you cared enough to get it for her on this wonderfully romantic vacation. If you need additional assistance planning the activities, contact your reservation agent for coupons, links, and advice. Another great place to look for ideas are on Trip Advisor. Trip advisor has travel guides you may find useful.

Also look at Virtual Tourist, you can post questions on their forum and get specific answers back from people who have been to the area.

Remember, planning a special getaway together can be as romantic as the trip, sometimes even more so because it helps build a bond between you. Women love it when men want romance as much as they do. Women love it when men make an effort to do something special in the relationship. Take the time to do this for your special loved one and you will be glad you did. It is just one easy way to help bring interest and romance to your sex life.

Kristine E. Squiers

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