Friday, August 7, 2009

London, A Good Place To Visit/ The PussyCat Dolls~" I Don't Need A Man"

The PussyCat Dolls
" I Don't Need A Man"

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The capital of the UK is a place worth visiting. Getting there is not hard since the city is the home to Heathrow airport, the largest in Europe. This gives it the privilege of being served by most airlines around the world. To get into London Paddington, there are many alternatives depending on the much you are willing to spend.

There is the Express Rail that usually gets you there in a short 15 minutes since it does not make intermediary stops along the way. The slowest and cheapest is through London Underground where the trips usually take about an hour. If you have heavy luggage or are traveling with your family, then you might want to consider getting a cab instead. There are black cabs, more expensive and can be got right from the street and then the mini cabs that usually involve advance booking.

If you are from another European city like Paris, you could take the high speed rail route if you prefer not to fly. You could also take the long distance buses if you like. Driving into the heart of the city is not always advised but it is one of the means of getting there. The transport network in the city is one of the most comprehensive in the world. But even with that, the best way to go sightseeing in the city is by foot because London only appears big on paper. The city is what you would call compact and therefore walking would be a delight. Cycling is always an alternative, albeit sometimes not the best one.

It is said that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and if you are not too careful, you could end up spending so much more than you were willing to. Accommodation is on top of that list and you need to make sure that you make adequate reservations if you want to snatch the best deals and prices. But in any case London has an array of five star London Hotels you can choose from. The only burden for you would be to choose which one works best for your finances. Eating comes second, and like in any other city, you could get a good bite for a good price but when you want exclusive dining, you should be looking to spend about 80 Euro for a good meal coupled with wine. If you choose the leading restaurants in London, then that price is likely to double.

For your attractions like the Museums, most of them are free to enter though donations are usually encouraged. But some like Madam Tussauds Wax Museums is simply overpriced though it remains one of London's best attractions.

London can easily pass as one of the world's greatest city but time is the only factor that is hindering the baptism. But still, it is one of those places creates a harmony between the nostalgic past and the present, in such a way that it compels you to visit.

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