Friday, April 30, 2010

Adventurous, Fun Dates For Girls ~ Alexandra Burke "Broken Heels"

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Girls, are you looking for some cool date ideas to show your new man that you are adventurous and laid-back? Is your guy letting you plan the next date, and you know he secretly fears your plans will include a candlelight dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town followed by a night at the opera? Well, show him that you are the cool, adventurous girl who will compromise and surprise him. Try planning an adventurous, fun date by following one of the suggestions below:

Plan an afternoon of paintball. In this game, you and your date, will suit up, don protective face/eye gear, and either be on the same team or perhaps play against one another. No matter what route you choose, you'll spend a few hours running around, adrenaline pumping, chasing after your opponent while avoiding being hit yourself. The thrill of watching your paintball splatter on your opponent can be quite addicting. You might be surprise at how much you actually enjoy the game. And your gung-ho attitude will impress your date. If you do get hit and perhaps end up with a bruise or two, your date will gladly kiss your bruise to make it better.

Go to a football game. If the action of the paintball game isn't exactly your style, then perhaps just being a spectator at a football game is more your speed. Whether it be a local high school game, a college game, or even the NFL, your guy will be stoked to spend a fall day with you at a game. You can snuggle on the bleachers to stay warm when the temperatures start dropping. Even if you don't know anything about the sport, your willingness to try something new and watch a game that he loves will show him just how much you care. Before the game, you can even tailgate, cook some hotdogs on a portable grill, or drink a few beers. And if you're a fun-loving gal, perhaps grab a foam finger and paint a few black stripes under your eyes, and you'll look the part of fan.

Challenge him to go-kart races. If you don't have as much money as it might cost to attend a football game or don't want to risk getting hit by paintballs, something as simple as a few rounds of go-kart races will get your adrenaline pumping and show your man your laid-back side. Even if you've never driven a go-kart before, your date will show you how to operate the kart. Some tracks even have double karts, so you and your date can ride together. However, racing against each other gets the competitive spirit going.

If you're not sure what to plan for a date with your guy, surprise him by showing him your adventurous side. Play paintball. Attend a football game. Race him in some go-karts. Just do something fun that gets you both out and active and helps you bond to one another. The next time he watches the game with the guys or smells the exhaust of a go-kart, he'll think of you.

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