Monday, May 25, 2009

Top 10 reasons Lenny Kravitz and Prince have to "Fly Away" for a Caribbean Cruise

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The following are main ten reasons why as choosing a cruise can be convenient and cheaper than any other vacation. See why below.

1. Value: Going for Caribbean cruise nothing beats its incredible vacation savings. In just one cruise you can visit a number of islands in one cruise vacation, and considering the high class cruise ships, high quality dining and entertainment, what vacation can match this?
2. Convenience: With so many ports that set sail to the Caribbean and no matter how many places you visit, you’ll only unpack once. And while onboard, wallets and purses aren’t required!
3. Variety: Hundreds of itineraries to the wonderful islands of the Caribbean. With endless activities for every taste, onboard and at shore, there is always something to do!
4. Choice: Dine in shorts or dress to the nines – today’s cruising can be as casual or luxurious as you like. Choose an action-packed adventure or a poolside retreat – it’s your cruise, it’s your choice!
5. Comfort: With the option of staying in ocean view or balcony staterooms, more luxurious bedding, and expanded spa and sports facilities are just a few of the many ways today’s fleets will pamper you in style.
6. Adventure: You define what adventure means to you, there is always something for you in the Caribbean Islands. From finding the very best Caribbean beach, shopping, diving, history and whatever else you can think off.
7. Sharing your experiences: Cruising offers unique opportunities to meet other travelers – and you’ll share new experiences that you won’t find with other types of vacations. With plenty of fun group activities, get ready to create unforgettable memories and make friendships that last a lifetime.
8. Become an expert – or meet one: Many cruise lines offer special onboard enrichment programs that immerse you in the things you love most – poetry and prose, fine wine, regional cooking, antiques, wildlife, and music are just a few of the many choices.
9. Experience more: Waking up in a brand new port of call is part of the unique thrill of cruising. And with nearly every new port, you’ll have unique opportunities ashore. With all the different kinds of excursions available at shore, there is definitely something for you.
10. Togetherness: There’s no better way to travel for large groups of friends and family than a cruise. Planning group reservations is more affordable and convenient at sea.
You can pick your staterooms all on the same deck, dine at the same restaurants onboard, enjoy a Broadway-style show together, and so much more. And best of all, there’s something fun for everyone. When you travel as a group, the incredible experiences you share will strengthen the bonds of friendship and family forever.

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