Friday, August 14, 2009

South African Safari's / Paul Simon sings live from Zimbabwe "Call Me Al"

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South Africa is a land of enchantment and dreams. When you voyage to South Africa for a safari, you are in for one wild ride. You can expect to see all of the animals you've heard about in the classroom and witness nature in all of its glory. Your South Africa Safari will take you into the heart of the animals' natural habitat and see them, first hand.

Each day of your Safari will bring something new and exciting. You'll be having very long, full days on your journey to the heart of the African animal kingdom, so be sure to get plenty of rest each night. You will be getting up before the sun during your Safari trip. Your resort or hotel will serve you a large breakfast each morning. Make sure to get plenty to eat, too... Long days on Safari can make you as hungry as, well, a lion.

Each morning you'll head out, bright and early on your trek to the wilderness. You'll be traveling in an open air 4 wheel drive vehicle that allows you to see everything, all around you and your party. You can expect the most incredible trip of your life when you go on African Safari.

You'll enter the protected animal reserve and you will probably start out with a brief nature walk. Your guide will show you all of the local trees and plants that help sustain the wildlife. You'll get to do a little bird watching, too. There are some of the most colorful and unusual looking birds in the world in South Africa.

You'll marvel at the beauty of nature all around you on your Safari. You and your group will then get back into your vehicle and proceed deeper into the reserve where you will begin to see a variety of animals. It's very important to always follow the rules that your Safari guide gives you. You will be able to see the animals behaving in their natural habitat.

You'll see everything from crocodiles sliding through the marshes, pouncing on prey to nature's most majestic creature-the African elephant, bathing and playing. You may encounter animals that come right up to the vehicle. When they do, don't make a lot of loud noises or attempt to get out of the vehicle. As long as you don't give them reason to fret, they'll consider you harmless.

You'll also see all of the wild cats that you've read about or seen at zoos, in all of their majesty and brilliance. Your entire family will benefit from a South African Safari.

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