Saturday, December 5, 2009

Traveling Australia For the First Time ~ Christina Aguilera Still Dirrty & Hold us Down Live from Australia

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By Kim Hanna

I was born in Australia and lived there over twenty years before traveling around the world for the last five. I have now seen over thirty countries, lived in over ten, and now speak two Spanish fluently. Traveling for me has been massive growing experience, and I would recommend anybody, regardless of age, race or gender to put away some time and money to make sure that they can experience the world.

However, after that is all said and done, I must say that after having seen the world, that there is absolutely nothing like my home country of Australia.

My hometown is Alice Springs, in the middle of the Australian desert. It is surrounded, on all sides, by beautiful red sand and clear skies; there is not a skyscraper to be seen at all, and the peaceful, tranquil nature of the place is enough to send shivers down your spine. Less then two hours drive away is Uluru, also known as Ayer's Rock, a massive stone formation that has stood for countless years and is a major tourist destination. You'll enjoy the ancient Aboriginal sites, as well as the native animals that frolic around the place. Red Kangaroos are a very common guest at Ayer's Rock.

On the eastern coast of Australia lies most of the major cities. In the North of the state of Queensland is Cairns, a lovely little town that is the heart to the Great Barrier Reef, which is also another massive tourist destination. A day trip to the reef is incredible affordable, and you'll be amazed as you spend hours swimming amongst a veritable armada of beautiful tropical fish amongst some of the most stunning coral formations in the world.

Cairns is known as the place where the 'rainforest meets the sea,' and this is absolutely true. An hours drive inland from the city leave you in a tiny village called Kuranda, which is in the heart of the lush, wet, beautiful North Queensland rainforest. Take some time and go to the Butterfly sanctuary, or the Kuranda train, which takes you through and around the surrounding region. When you are done with this beautiful icon of nature, catch the Skyrail back down to Cairns, and enjoy the sites of the land from your own private gondola.

Now, if you are after a more metropolitan experience, there is nothing like heading to the massive city of Sydney. With nearly four and a half million people, Sydney is the urban hub of Australia, and boasts some of its best restaurants, theaters, landmarks and destinations. Spend just a day in the city amongst the bustling metropolis, and you see the beauty of the Australian people and of their unique culture. Wrap it all up with a climb over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia's most recognized landmark, and take a birds eye look at this massive city and of the Opera House. It's an experience that cannot be missed.

Australia is such a unique place to visit, I would not want to be anywhere else.

Kim Hanna is a young entrepreneur, athlete and writer. When he's not on the road working, he's busy making webpages, and his latest installment is on cheap surround sound systems. If you are interested in upgrading your home theater, check out the site today.

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