Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I'm Still Standin..." Here are a Few Tips To Grow "YOUR" Business Using Twitter / Elton John "Live"

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Elton John

"I'm Still Standin"

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If you have been on Twitter for any length of time, you have probably noticed that there is no shortage of MLM distributors using Twitter as a tool to grow their businesses. However, many of them are not using Twitter in the correct way and can be seen as using it for spam. Here are 25 ways you can use Twitter for your MLM business, without causing people to stop following you or to think that you are self centered.

1. Share your blog posts. Many people will read them and if they are valuable then they will get re-tweeted and you can get some great traffic and leads from this.

2. Share the blog posts of others. This will help you be seen as someone who is striving to help others and to offer value without always trying to push your own content.

3. Ask questions. Twitter is a great place to ask questions about anything about which you are seeking answers. In many cases, you will get better responses from Twitter than from Google or anywhere else.

4. Answer the questions of others. This will help you to be seen as a real person rather than an autobot and allow you to build stronger connections.

5. Avoid using auto follower programs and spend a few minutes each day following new people that you choose based on keywords and target market.

6. Always use a current and professional photo of you as your twitter icon.

7. Tweet regularly. 10-15 tweets per day is ideal. Never let your account go stale. People need to see you being active.

8. Share your articles on Twitter. If you have an ezinearticles.com account then you can set this up automatically.

9. Share your newsletters and email broadcasts on Twitter. Many of the popular autoresponders including Aweber and GetRepsonse let you do this automatically.

10. Keep building relationships and connections as your number one goal.

11. Consider changing the url in your profile from time to time.

12. Participate in follow Friday and recommend a few people for others to follow.

13. Either design a custom background or at least upload a larger picture or graphic of you to your background. This will help make you stand out.

14. Strive to follow back anyone who follows you who is not a spammer and who offers decent content and value. People will appreciate this.

15. Make sure that no more than 1 in 10 of your tweets are ads. When you do tweet an ad, start with ad: and then your tweet and make sure to avoid making it too spammy or hypey. Examples include an invite to join your list or a discount for a product.

16. Announce events that you are doing or networking events where you will be on Twitter and invite others to join you.

17. Retweet the tweets of others from time to time when they are offering value.

18. Share quotes and inspirational stories. People love these and they can go viral easily.

19. Run a contest and encourage people to enter from Twitter.

20. Ask for feedback on any projects you may be working on. The Twitter community in general will be glad to assist.

21. Avoid spam or spreading any tweets that contain spam in them.

22. Ask people to connect with you on Facebook, YouTube or other social networking sites.

23. Offer a free report or ebook.

24. Share valuable hints and tips that people can use right away.

25. Share what you are doing. From time to time it is okay to literally answer the question, as long as you stay positive and you share only appropriate things that people may find interesting.

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