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Family Cruises ~ Michael Bublé "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (Live)

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When I say family I mean anyone, not just infants but also adolescents, teens, Mom, Dad, Brothers Sisters, Uncles, Aunties Sisters and Grandparents. There will be something here for every one to enjoy and participate in either on board or on shore. Best of all its value for money!

Cruising is safe, the crew members having been trained in basic fire, health, hygiene, safety and security subjects prior to embarking. Teams of security and fire watch guards are also on duty 24 hours a day who report back directly to the Staff Captain. Not only that, but there are , on larger vessels, over 1000 crew members working on board at any time so if any small child were to wonder off lost , crew are at hand to resolve any lost and found issues until your off-spring are happily re- united with you.

You will be placed in adjacent cabins on the same corridor, so popping in to your child´s or parents cabin to quickly check up on them and arrange what time to meet can be done quickly.

Your evening´s dining will be arranged so that you will obviously be seated together. If you are more than 8 or 10 people, there will be 2 separate tables next to each other for you.,often served by the same waiter.

If you´re a family of four, you might be sat at a table with a family of the same age group on a table top of eight seats or on a booth alone.

Dining is often a high light of the cruise, even if your family don´t sit at the table at home, it will be fun for them. The crew will take great care of them and make sure that they enjoy every minute. Often you will be invited to get up and dance after the main course with the rest of the crew´s dining room waiters nightly entertainment.

If you are concerned about the dining room dress code and your children really don't want to wear any thing other than shorts and T shirts then there is the buffet option for them to use at dinner, as the dining rooms are less formal during the day. Other wise you will be able to rent a tux on board if you don't want them to miss out on one of the two or more formal nights per week. They are great fun and 99% of the guests go out of there way to look there very best and enjoy the whole atmosphere.

How often can you simply walk in a restaurant and get a table for 10 at home without prior booking. Here the tables are set for you every night.

Once on board all of the food is free, so you and your family can enjoy as much as you want from the buffets and the dining rooms. Order away, try a selection off the menu, if you don't like it, order something else. That easy. All of the waste food is recycled, so there will be a happy piggy or fish at the end of the day. 24 hour hour room service is available too on most larger vessels(free).

The ships itineraries are almost always fun and educational regardless of where you set sail. The other bonus for Mom and Dad here is you don´t have to drive anywhere unless you decide to rent a car when docked, thus easing a lot of stress and arguing about directions, whilst the kids sit bored in the back seat of a car.

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