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Is He the Cheating Kind? A Quiz ~ Carrie Underwood " Before He Cheats "

Carrie Underwood
"Before He Cheats "

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Is He the Cheating Kind?
A Quiz

According to the latest statistics, 50% to 70% of men cheat on their mates.

What type of man is most likely to cheat?

Ruth Houston, infidelity expert and author of Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs says, "Some men are more likely to cheat than others. You can tell by looking at certain things in their background, their past history, or certain character traits."

What about the man in your life? Is he the cheating kind? The questions below will help you rate your mate to see if you're involved with a potential cheater.


1. Does he thrive on adventure?

2. Did he have a great deal of sexual experience prior to your relationship?

3. Does he have lots of female friends?

4. Does he have male friends who are cheating on their wives or girlfriends?

5. Does he have a parent who cheated?

6. Did he cheat in any of his past relationships?

7. Does he feel that infidelity is really no big deal?

What your answers mean:

1. Some men enjoy all the suspense, deception and intrigue that accompany infidelity. They'll cheat just for the "thrill of the chase."

2. Studies reveal that men who were extremely sexually active before settling down in a committed relationship are more apt to engage in sex outside that relationship. Don't expect a leopard to change his spots.

3. Close friendships with women are a common starting point for infidelity. Friends can quickly turn into lovers. The closer the friendship, the greater the odds that it will develop into an affair.

4. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure. If his friends are cheating, he'll soon be cheating too.

5. Infidelity tends to run in families. Children of unfaithful parents are often programmed to follow in their footsteps, considering infidelity to be the norm.

6. "Once a cheater, always a cheater." There are exceptions, but statistically speaking, if he cheated once, he's more apt to do it again. His history will probably repeat itself.

7. If he doesn't believe that infidelity is wrong, his behavior will reflect his beliefs.

Generally speaking, the more "yes" answers, the greater the likelihood that he will cheat. But some answers carry more weight than others.

Read on to find out how to evaluate your answers and get a FREE TIP SHEET on "How to Handle a Potential Cheater."

Evaluating Your results:

If you answered 'yes' to #1, #2, or #5 (but not all three), he's a POTENTIAL CHEATER who will probably cheat if the opportunity presents itself.

If you answered 'yes' to #3 or #4 alone, together, or in combination with #1 or #2, he's a COMMON "GARDEN-VARIETY" CHEATER who will cheat if he feels he can do so without getting caught.

If you answered 'yes' to #6 alone or in combination with #1,#2, #3, #4, or #5 you're dealing with an EXPERIENCED CHEATER who's probably good at covering his tracks. Watch him like a hawk.

If you answered 'yes' to #7 alone (this one's the biggie) or in combination with any others, you've got a HARD-CORE CHEATER on your hands who may already be having an affair. Make sure you know how to recognize the telltale signs. Visit http://www.Is-He-Cheating-On-You.com for more information on the 21 categories of telltale signs.

"Even you only have one 'yes', Houston warns, "there's still cause for concern, but there are certain precautions you can take."

To get a FREE Tip Sheet titled "How to Handle a Potential Cheater" send an e-mail to: CheatingInfo@aol.com with the words "Cheater Tip Sheet" in the subject line.

© Ruth Houston 2004 All rights reserved.

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