Monday, August 3, 2009

Africa Resorts, Safari, Cuisine / Lucky Dube ~ Don't Cry "Live"

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When most people envision the African continent, they posses a preconceived thought that there are tribes running around everywhere and that the entire continent is riddle with jungle beasts. Though that could have been the reality centuries ago, nowadays most countries of the African continent are exactly like Europe.

You just need to know which place to go to. In fact, Africa is actually a great place to vacation in. It has warm beaches, high-dollar accommodations, great restaurants, and the people in Africa just can't be surpassed. So do not scratch Africa off your holiday list just yet.

Vacationing in Africa is really a very reasonable alternative for persons living in the Northern Hemisphere because Africa's annual seasons are opposite to ours. That suggests that when its 30 degrees Fahrenheit in your city and you truly wish to travel to someplace warm, all you need to do is travel to Africa where it will be 80 degrees Fahrenheit or better. And obviously the same thing could go on during our summer times. You never have to stress about discovering somewhere that is the right level of heat because all you need to do is take a trip over the Equator.

From a luxurious aspect, African resorts and hotels are actually quite accommodating and could be just as classy as resorts in other places. The scenery in Africa are absolutely breath taking, and you could locate a lot of beach side vacation resorts there. Any persons that you come across would probably be quite cordial and inviting, and the staff at the resorts you stay at will be equally as accommodating. The cuisine is wonderful; the shopping selection is amazing; the cities are thriving; need more be said? So throw those old views of Africa into the trash and say hello to a new idea. The African continent could actually be the perfect holiday destination for you.

by Aria Scherer.

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