Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last minute travel: How To Find Last Minute Travel Deals

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If you have some unexpected free time coming up and you'd like to get away for a few days, you're in luck. There are some great deals to be found for last minute travel. From reduced fares to great hotel rates, you'll be surprised at how much you can save on a spontaneous trip! Here are the top five ways to get a great deal on last minute travel.

#5-Check with the Airlines Directly

Very often, airlines may have great rates available for flights that aren't quite full. They would rather have someone pay a lower fare than have no one in the seat at all. You would need to contact the airline directly to avail yourself of last minute travel deals; most airlines will not authorize their ticketing agents to give lower rates for a half-full flight. When you call the airline, don't be afraid to ask for a lower fare.

#4-Look for Websites that Specialize in Last Minute Travel

There are a number of websites that only deal with those leaving in a week's time or less. They have worked out specific deals with airlines, rental companies and hotels to provide travelers with the best rate possible. You may have lesser flexibility with your departure times, itineraries or the choice of room but the reduced rates could more than make up for the little adjustments you will have to make.

#3-Check with the Major Ticket Brokers

There are a number of major ticket brokers that offer significant savings for people who need a flight without any advance notice. In most cases, you will save about 30 percent off the regular fare. You will find a special section on their websites specifically for these types of reservations. These tickets usually sell very quickly, so if you see a fare that's within your budget, grab it up. Otherwise, you may end up paying full price in the end.

#2-Check with Your Credit Card Company

Many of the major credit card companies offer free services for planning a vacation. You may find a great deal here, especially on airfare and hotels. If you belong to a travel assistance club, you may also find some savings there as well.

#1-Check with Your Travel Agency

Many times, a frazzled travel agent is trying to fill slots for flights, tours and cruises when people cancel with very little notice. You may find deeply discounted fares and prices, with extras thrown in just to make the deal even sweeter. Don't overlook this incredible avenue for finding affordable last minute travel deals.

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