Monday, October 5, 2009

Beyonce & Jay Z ~ "Upgrade", Giving Multiple Choices to Your Customers Can Be a Death Sentence to Closing More Sales

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This article is for the direct marketer that is trying to close the sale on a product. Use the power of the sales letter to sell one product to one person. Read on to find out why offering the customer too many choices can hurt your sales.

When you are selling via direct marketing, too many novice marketers use the idea that they should send an entire catalog or multiple choices for the customer to pick. They think the shotgun approach to selling will work better than selling one at a time. The problem is that most customers don't always know what they want either. They want their attention sparked and to be shown new ideas.

If you give the customer too many choices, even two choices, many times they will pick NO choices. The best choice with your direct marketing is to give them one choice, whether to purchase or not to purchase a single product. You can accomplish this by drafting a sales letter that will showcase your product in the eyes of the customer's life.

When you create a sales letter for your SINGLE product, never try to sell it. You are having a conversation with your customer, one-on-one and you walk them through your product, showing how it will improve their life and how it will remove a problem they are currently having. Don't make any promises that sound too over the top, even if your product can deliver. Under-promise and over-deliver instead. It will make your product look like a masterpiece when the customer receives it and it will cut down on returns. Remember to sell just one product at a time to one person at a time and your direct marketing business will be a success.

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