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Difference Between White Tie and Black Tie Affair ~ Will Smith "Men In Black"

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Both types of dress codes are very formal, but the white tie affair is the most formal of all invitations you will ever receive. While both require men to wear a tuxedo and women to wear a long evening gown, there are some differences in each dress code. Below you will find a quick guide on how to dress appropriately for each type of invitation.

Black Tie Attire:
Black tie is a formal type of invitation that calls for a tuxedo for men and a long evening gown for women. To be more specific, traditionally the tuxedo is black, and worn with a white tuxedo dress shirt. There are two common types of shirts, both are appropriate for the occasion. The first one is the wing-collar dress shirt that has the tips of the collars folded over. The other type of dress shirt has a flip over collar and is basically a "Polished-Up" dress shirt with pleats in the front, and French cuffs.

For the neck wear you will need to wear a black bow tie made from satin silk. The spread of the bow tie usually ranges between 2-3 inches. Weather you choose to wear a cummerbund or a vest is personal preference, but one of the two must be chosen. The color of vest or cummerbund should be, just like the bow tie, solid black in color. Your shoes are also a special type of tuxedo dress shoe. They have more shine, and a thin sole.

White Tie Affair Dress Code:
As the name indicates, white tie affair means you will need to wear a white bow tie. Besides the color neckwear, there are a few other differences to black tie attire. For you jacket you usually choose a tailcoat jacket. The dress shirt is typically the wing-collar type, and instead of a cummerbund you will wear white vest. Your shoes are the same type of tuxedo dress shoes as you would choose for black tie invitations.

White tie attire is the most formal of all dress codes and typically associated with consulate and presidential type events. Most people will never have the opportunity to attend a white tie function, and if you are invited to a white tie affair, then this is a true honor.

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