Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Great Ways to Get Cheap Travel Deals ~ The Ojay's "For The Love Of Money"

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As exciting as traveling can be, the rising cost of air travel and hotels can put a damper on even the most enthusiastic traveler. For those of us traveling on a budget, we want to get good value for money and make every dollar stretch as far as it possibly can. Saving everywhere possible is a great way to get more about of any trip as every small saving can quickly add up - especially if you are 2 people.

Obviously there are a lot of great deals to be had on the internet, but unfortunately a lot of it gets buried under the usual internet "advertising" deals and you almost always end up spending more than you think. I've become very skeptical of many internet deals and they often aren't good deals at all. There are 3 very basic and often overlooked tips that I want to share with you.

1. Frequent Flyer Points
Its such an old concept, but many modern travelers overlook just how much they can save. Just one round-the-world ticket can earn you a ton of points. As an added extra, I would recommend you look into credit cards that offer frequent flyer mile incentives - and use that card while you travel. Your plane tickets will always be the biggest chunk of you expense and saving on that is probably the most significant thing to look into.

2. Travel Clubs
While many people think that travel clubs are for retired people looking for cruise deals, you'd be pleasantly surprised. The next generation of travel clubs are very different and many of them offer great deal to their members. Some clubs charge a membership fee but of you are a regular traveler then maybe its worth it. You will always get back much more than you pay for your membership. Click Here to Visit Our Travel Club.

3. Online Communities
One of the best inventions of the so-called Web 2 phenomenon is online communities. There are quite literally hundreds of travel communities catering to anything from adventure travel to travel jobs. Becoming a part of these communities is a great way to connect with like minded people and getting first hand tips from real people is the best way to hear about great deals and unbelievable offers.

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