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Take Your Cruise Vacation From The Philadelphia Cruise Port ~ Philadelphia Travel Show

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By Mary Hanna

There are now cruise lines that depart the Philadelphia cruise port from early spring to late fall. All of the cruise lines are now making cruise travel a close to home event. The Philadelphia cruise port has undergone a $15 million dollar upgrade to enable it to handle cruising using state of the art facilities. Normally if you mentioned cruising, the Port of Philadelphia would never come to mind, but thanks to the new cruise lines marketing of close to home cruise travel, the Philadelphia cruise port has become very popular. Since this new concept of cruise travel, thousands more people have chosen a cruise vacation.

The Philadelphia cruise lines include Norwegian Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises, both offering cruise vacations to Bermuda. The Philadelphia cruise port is uniquely situated; 62 million people live within a five mile drive. And Philly has so much to offer. There are first class hotels, good transportation, colorful neighborhoods and lots of history. All of it is within walking distance. As the tourism board says when it is touting the Philadelphia Cruise Port, it is Americas "Berthplace".

The United States Constitution was written in Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell lies directly across from it. In Independence Hall the chair that George Washington sat in and Thomas Jefferson's walking stick are on view. A short distance away is the house where Betsey Ross sewed the American flag. At Penn's Landing is the Independence Seaport Museum, a delight for people who love the sea. There is also the Reading Market, the oldest continually running marketplace in the US. The Amish people bring their homemade items to sell Wednesdays through Saturdays. Don't forget to eat a Philly Cheese steak then run up the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art just like Rocky.

For people who choose to take their cruise vacation from here, the Philadelphia cruise port is five minutes from interstate 95. Parking is plentiful and will run you about $10.00 per day. If you fly in to take your cruise vacation, taxis are a flat rate of $20.00 from the airport to Philadelphia's Cruise Terminal.

After boarding one of the cruise lines, you will most likely leave the Philadelphia cruise port at 3:00 PM. Use this time to explore your cruise ship and to unpack and settle in. Make any appointments you want on this day as spa and beauty appointments go fast. Tonight will be a causal night for dinner. The next day you will have a leisurely day at sea to do what ever you want. This night will probably be formal night and will be billed as the Captain's Welcome Dinner.

The next day is exciting because you will land at St. George Island at two o'clock. Head to St. Catherine's Fort, built in the 1600's, it has spectacular views of the ocean. Go inside to view a replica of the British Crown Jewels and various military paraphernalia. St. Catherine's Beach is at the foot of the Fort and is one of the nicest beaches around.

Bermudas oldest church, St. Peter's, contains many relics. You will have to climb many steps but it is worth it. Don't forget to visit King's Square where you can view pillories, stocks and whipping posts the favored form of punishment in the 16th and 17th centuries.

You will overnight on your cruise ship at St. George Island, departing the next day at 7:00 AM for Hamilton, Bermuda, arriving there at 9:00 AM. You have the whole day and night to explore the historic Churches, Forts, Lighthouses and Museums. You may just want to go to their beautiful blue water beaches. Wonder over to the Royal Naval Dockyard or opt to experience swimming with the dolphins. Once again you will overnight on the cruise ship and depart the next morning at 8:00 AM.

You will have another day at see before returning to the Port of Philadelphia

Now that you know about the Philadelphia cruise port and their cruise lines, call your travel agent and book a cruise vacation.

Happy Cruising!

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