Friday, August 28, 2009

Disney Park Tickets - Top 5 Tips to Do Disney World on a Budget / YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE -- Disney's EPCOT Center, Orlando, FL

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Looking For Disney Park tickets? I have listed 5 ways below to snag a deal. Follow along and you will be able to do Walt Disney World on a budget.

1. Time Share Resorts- You can actually get free Disney tickets. You can get free Sea world and Universal Studios tickets as well. You will have to exchange 90 minutes of your time for free tickets. So if that is OK with you, then you have found yourself a deal.

2. Upon arriving in Orlando, you'll see stores and shops all offering discount or free Disney tickets, Universal Studio tickets, Sea World tickets and more. Yes, that's right, some offer free tickets. Be sure to check this out.

3. If you are member of Disney Rewards Club you can get some significant Disney ticket discounts. Be sure to call and ask. Disney Reward members enjoy all sorts of theme park discounts. You can also save on hotels and parking as well.

4. eBay is a great source of getting Disney Park tickets at a great price. Just be sure to check seller's rating. If the seller has a good feedback rating, then it is most likely safe. Be sure to look for a eBay Power seller that has been with eBay a long time.

5. This one is good as well....Craigslist....go to Orlando listings and you will see so many discounted Disney tickets as well. Just be sure to be careful. Read all of Craigslist warnings about possible scams.

There are many scams amongst the great deals, so just be careful when looking for Disney Park tickets.

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