Friday, May 14, 2010

Montreux Switzerland ~ Marvin Gaye "Heard It Through The Grapevine" (From "Live at Montreux")

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For many people Switzerland can mean fine chocolates, beautiful scenery and great ski resorts. While these are true of this country you will find there is more to see and experience. In the district of Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut which is located in the Vaud canton you will find the municipality of Montreux. This beautiful municipality can be found at the foot of the Alps Mountains by Lake Geneva.

In Montreux you will find there are numerous places that you can visit. Of these you may enjoy a visit to Marmots' Paradise. This paradise can be found in the mountains around Hauts-de-Montreux. These mountains are threaded with numerous forest trails, grottos, caves and isolated villages. In addition you will see many different species of wildlife. Rochers-De-Naye; one of the mountains; itself is home to a little place which is called "Marmots' Paradise". Here you will find marmot species from all over the world live in a complex yet highly interesting system of underground burrows.

In addition to visiting this paradise for marmots in Montreux you may be interested in seeing the Château de Chillon. The Château is a historic castle and it is one of Switzerland's most visited sites. You can find this lovely castle on a small island in Lake Geneva which is only a few meters from the shore. Originally the castle was built to allow the inhabitants to obtain a toll from all of the people and goods which passed between Italy and the rest of Europe. This toll was taken on the road north from the St. Bernard pass. Today you will find the castle is 45 minutes walk from Montreux along the lakeside, or you can reach this castle within 4 minutes by train.

Of course you will find there are other things you can do while you are here. In April you can see the Golden Award of Montreux taking place. This is an award festival which takes place annually in April. At this awards ceremony you will be able to see numerous national and international advertising companies being awarded for their creative excellence. Of course Montreux was also home to a number of creative artists from various fields. These artistes include such personalities as Ernest Hemingway, Vladmir Nabokov, Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury.

While these are some of the major attractions that you can see while you are in Montreux, you may enjoy visiting other places. These will include places like Yvorne which is a beautiful wine growing region located on the slopes of the Vaudois Alps, or you may or prefer to see Lavaux. This is a terraced vineyard which provides visitors with a view of one of the prettiest landscapes stretching between Lausanne and Vevey. However if skiing is more your style then you will enjoy visiting Château d'Oex which is a ski town that offers a wide range of multi-seasonal sporting activities for the whole family.

These then are the wonderful finds that you can encounter when you travel to Montreux for a holiday. Regardless of the time of year you will find that this city is one which can satisfy your need for restful holiday.

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