Monday, November 16, 2009

The Magic of Camp Fires on Safari in Africa ~ " I Will Always Love You " Whitney Houston from South Africa

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By Jacquie Stafford

There's nothing quite like sitting around a camp fire to experience the real magic of Africa. This is a very special part of being in the African bush. And it's very much part of the whole way of life on safari.

After dinner one heads for the fire - usually a big blaze of logs surrounded by directors chairs. Next is to be served your drink of choice - mine's usually a good brandy - by a friendly, smiling waiter. As you sit in companionable company, tales of the day's sitings are the usual topic of conversation. This is interspersed with the pleasure of meeting new folk from all over the world.

Occasionally the group stops and listens in awed silence as the roar of a lion is heard in the distance or the sound of hyenas comes through the night. The beauty of the bush is the quietness, broken only by the sounds of nocturnal animals, and the hushed chatter of safari guests.

Another big plus of the camp fire ritual is the opportunity to star gaze. There's nothing quite like the African sky when seen from a remote spot in the bush. Here it's black and studded with millions of stars. No city lights or pollution to obscure the view - just pure, unadulterated starlight.

Often it's hard to drag oneself away from the camp fire and give up the special ambience to head for one's room. However the prospect of a very early start the next morning usually persuades everyone to reluctantly leave the camp fire, secure in the knowledge that there'll be another one tomorrow night. Life on safari in Africa is good, and the evening camp fire an integral part of the total experience.

Jacquie Stafford has lived in Africa for over 40 years and has a passion for travel and wildlife. She now designs personalised tours to some of Africa's most exciting destinations. For more insights on safari life visit her website - http://www.kunjani.co.za

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