Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ray Stevens - Hang Up & Drive. Going Hands Free - Improve Your Driving Safety

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It was not so long ago that being in your car meant an opportunity to make a number of calls in relative peace and quiet, without the danger of outside interruptions.

Now however, in many countries around the world, and in many individual Sates in America, using a hand held mobile phone whilst you are driving is against the law and can lead to fines or penalties applied to your licence. For younger drivers the penalties can be even more severe.

And yet, even where there are laws in place, you will still see a great number of drivers flouting these restrictions; my personal pet hate is seeing people driving with a phone jammed up against their ear whilst trying to manoeuvre around a roundabout.

A study by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis carried out a study to assess if it should be illegal to talk on the phone whilst driving. The conclusion was that crashes caused by cell phone use while driving cost about $43 billion per year. This cost was made up of medical costs and loss of life.

$43 billion is a lot of money, however the study also concluded that the economic benefit from those using their phone whilst driving was the same, $43 billion. There was no economic advantage or disadvantage to help law makers make a case one way or another.

But what this number tells me is that there is a significant risk involved with using your phone at the wheel. Why take the chance, particularly where driving with a hand held phone is prohibited by law, when for a relatively small sum, you can get a Bluetooth hands free car kit that will connect easily to almost every modern mobile on the market today, and provide a safer, and more convenient and comfortable way of communicating whilst on the move.

Varieties come in fully fitted systems that connect into and override the car stereo when a call comes in, through to a small wireless headset that loops above your ear with a small earpiece and built in microphone.

For those who do not like the idea of driving with an earpiece, you can now purchase an in between solution that is battery powered, sits above the sun visor and contains both a speaker, and a microphone with noise canceling technology to provide improved call quality. If you regularly use your mobile phone whilst driving, any one of these provides an improvement in your safety, and that has to be worth considering.

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