Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Ten Outdoor Things To Do In Utah ~ Mission Impossible 2 Rock Climb

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Visiting Utah offers many options for activities to always stay busy and active. Whether the destination is Salt Lake City or down to Saint George, here are the top ten activities for the best Utah outdoor adventure.

1. Skiing/snowboarding- Hosting the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Utah's snow has been called "the best snow on earth." It's so good, it's on the state license plate! If it is good enough for the rest of the world, it's worth trying! Pick from numerous resorts in Park City and northern Utah.

2. Mountain Biking- With wilderness and many national parks, Utah has trails all over the state for beginning to advanced mountain bikers. Biking is available on snow, rock, or anywhere else you'd like to adventure. There are lots of races and even a festival that allows biking by the light of the full moon.

3. Hiking- Mountains everywhere make Utah an ideal hiking location. Timpanogos Canyon has a great view during the sunrise. Wherever you vacation in Utah, there's a hiking trail not far away.

4. Rock Climb- Even Hollywood likes rock climbing in Utah, as shown by Tom Cruise in Mission
Impossible two's opening scene. Although southern Utah is probably the most popular place for rock climbers (try Moab or Saint George), there are many other canyons that offer great spots if you want a 5.6 or higher.

5. Fishing- With many lakes besides the Great Salt Lake, fishing is an obvious choice here. Provo is great for fly-fishing or farther south boasts numerous lakes and rivers perfect for catching trout.

6. Camping- Bring the tent or the RV and camp anywhere from Big Cottonwood Canyon to Zion's National Park. My favorite is camping on the beach of Lake Powell, but Utah offers many spots.

7. Golfing- Although there are numerous resorts for golfing, Utah's Thanksgiving Point Golf course may be the most beautiful. Not only that, but it is right next to their famous gardens. If you want a better adventure than golfing, try golfing in Sundance Canyon, you may even see a celebrity.

8. Horseback riding- Utah has many trails for horseback enthusiasts. Alpine Canyon has many beautiful trails. If there are less experienced riders, or just for a fun adventure, Homestead Resort in Heber offers easy rides for you and your family.

9. Boating- Boating on Bear Lake is the best place to be in the summer. Of course, there's always Utah Lake or farther south Lake Powell. You can bring the boat, jet skis, and any other equipment you need on the water.

10. Caving/spelunking- Perhaps the most beautiful cave in Utah is Timpanogos. If no tour is needed, Utah valley has plenty of caves for exploring. Although every college student has been to Nutty Putty Caves, there are plenty of unexplored caves that are still in pristine condition.

Whether you like horses or the water, there are plenty of places for your Utah outdoor adventure.

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