Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncommon Activities Bring New Dimension to Single Women Vacations ~ "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Cyndi Lauper (live)

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By Stacey E. Marmolejo

With a travel club, you already know you get some of the best vacation and holiday packages available, especially on single women vacations, to some of the most popular travel destinations in the world. But what about when it comes to thinking outside the "normal" travel box? There's more to travel than just a trip to Hawaii or a few days at the beach, and if you're a single lady with a passion for sports or a heart for endangered animals, your travel club may have some creative options for single women vacations that you may never have thought of on your own.

Maybe your thing is sports. Sometimes, single women aren't necessarily thought of when it comes to sports packages, but chances are, if you're a member of a top travel club, there are some premium sporting event packages just waiting to be explored. Football aficionados can always find something to accommodate their dreams of seeing the Super Bowl in person, and by booking in advance through your travel club, you'll not only get in on some great rates, but you'll be able to experience unique perks like one of a kind souvenirs and exclusive seating. Why let the guys get all the gridiron action on their "mancations?"

But it's not only football you can enjoy on single women vacations. Baseball, basketball, tennis and even the Kentucky Derby are all exciting vacation events, and even if you've never considered a trip to Churchill Downs, you might want to think about a jaunt to the races, where you can explore the beauty of Louisiana and its colorful past. Plus, with the travel club you'll get fantastic seats to the main event!

Another idea you may never have considered as part of a single women vacation is volunteering, and if you're an animal lover, incorporating some kind of volunteerism dealing with endangered or at-risk animals can allow you the escape of a holiday and the joy of actually contributing to a cause near to your heart.

Animals are in need everywhere, and whether you're looking to help baby Olive Ridley Turtles make their way to sea in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico or you're more comfortable taking at-risk dogs for walks at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, there's a spot for you to pour your love of animals into a rewarding travel experience. "Voluntourism" is hot right now, particularly for single women vacations.

Single women vacations, accommodating foot-loose and fancy-free gals hoping to enjoy a week or two away from the daily grind need not be tied down to the "traditional" vacations, as there are so many great places to visit that are often off the radar. How about a tour of Mexico's wine region. That's right. Though not well known, Mexico has some lovely wines.

That's the beauty of a good travel club. Not only do club members receive exclusive prices and deals on transportation and accommodation, for the serious traveler, a travel club allows like-minded single women to travel safely on packages they may never have known existed but that are tailored to their interests and passions. Let vacation be a truly memorable experience again, and let your imagination run wild!

Stacey E. Marmolejo is a travel industry veteran who has lived in four countries on three continents, visited multiple cities within 29 countries on five continents and explored 36 states plus Washington DC within her home country of the United States of America.

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