Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Have a Comfortable Long Flight ~ "On The Wings Of Love" Jeffrey Osborne

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You can enjoy your flight trip by making yourself comfortable. By following these steps you can be comfortable on a long airplane trip.

Arrive at the airport beforehand. By arriving soon you can reduce the stress of delay and problems faced at the airport.

Many flights are delayed due to weather or fuller planes. If you have planned ahead, you should have plenty of time to get to your final destination, even if there are delays. Expect them and have something to occupy your time while waiting.

Wear loose clothes while flying because you will be sitting for a while. In the current economic scenario, flights are high on fees and low on service. Due to recession, you have to purchase coffee, soda and water for a steep charge. Try coming to airport soon so that you get enough time to purchase water and snacks. You can also bring your snacks from home. Pack salty and sweet to cover all your cravings.

Try carrying your headphone and MP3 for music. Headphones prevent other passengers from talking to you even if you don't turn them on. You can get a little privacy if you bring your own portable entertainment. Music and movies are also great distracters for passing the time.

Remove your shoes to avoid swelling. Since you have a long flight you can take off your shoes and stretch your toes.

Get up every few hours and walk the length of the plane when possible. Air travel may be stressful due to delays, distractions or due to grumbling of other passengers. Don't let others get to you. Take a nap if you can. If not, just breathe deeply and relax.

Things needed for comfortable traveling during long flights:

-Carry your headphones, sweaters and meals along with you.
-Eye drops and lip balm or other protective gel.
-To while away your time carry books, Sudoku etc.
-Portable gaming system
-Eye shades, Inflatable Neck Pillow
-Clean pair of socks, clean shirt, mini travel towel, Listerine Pocket Pack and Jet lag pills.

Consider seat selection. If you're looking for extra legroom, the best seats are in the exit rows.You have to meet certain requirements to book these seats. On the other hand, some airlines offer the seats you desire, if your willing to pay additional fees for the same. While choosing a window or aisle seat, find out what your needs are in advance. If you choose an aisle seat, you can move around in the cabin easily without disturbing people, enabling you to relax more. By choosing a window seat, you have something to lean against to sleep during the flight.

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