Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Are You Afraid to Start Your Own Online Business? ~ Eminem "Not Afraid"

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Why are you afraid to start your own online business? You want your independence back, you are tired of your boring job, and you think there is more out there for you. So why do you get up everyday and do the same things over and over? Need help changing? Here are 4 reasons why people are afraid to start their online business and the solutions to those reasons.

1. Starting your own business is not normal - sometimes it is hard to get your head around the idea of not getting up to go to work. You have done it for so many years that it has become normal and expected. You enjoy the security of your job, but you will never be happy working for someone else.

Solution: if you keep doing the same things the same way, you will get the same results. You need to think about your dreams everyday. Set goals to meet those dreams. Then prepare to meet those goals. You must mentally prepare yourself to move forward.

2. Starting your own business creates fear of the unknown - if you start your own business, you will not get that regular paycheck. You will not have the insurance. You will not have the job. Your entire life will be different.

Solution: when the pain of where you are is more than the pain of doing nothing, then you will change. Now the word pain might be a little strong (though in some cases it is not), but the fact remains that you must move forward into the unknown to get the life you want. Taking small, gradual steps forward into the unknown will help reduce the worry as you start your own online business

3. Starting your own business creates fear of failure - no one wants to fail. And when you do something new and different, many times your mind will convince you that you will fail. It is just normal human nature to be afraid of failure, but there is a fix.

Solution: don't think about failure. Of course, you need to be responsible in your preparation just in case things don't go as well as you hoped, but don't plan to fail. Prepare to succeed, and you most likely will.

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